The Blowholes

If absence truly makes the heart grow fonder, then it is of no surprise to hear four women living in the heart of the country sing of their distant and mysterious love, the ocean, so fondly. Sentiment matches ferocity as The Blowholes wail at the top of their lungs and play with all their might, calling out to the creatures of the ocean, with pleas to rekindle an ancient friendship that has long since been destroyed. To see them play is to see true joy and friendship forging fierce ballads and jangley love songs, with drums like crashing waves, bass lines like the calls of a hunting whale, and sub-sonic riffs even the birds would want to be underwater for. Every member is like a different current, changing and shaping the moods of each song with such honest abandon, you would almost feel you weren't supposed to have listened in. To hear The Blowholes is to know child-like infatuation, curiousity, and devotion like you haven't felt in a long time.

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